Captain's Log

Captain’s Log, Parenthood Date: 1666

At least one of the tiny natives appears to have manifested a new power: the ability to manipulate and multiply liquid. It seems impossible, and yet I can think of no other explanation for the current state of the island. What was originally two half-full cups of water by the sink and a nearly-empty bottle of lemon juice in the garbage can has now become a veritable flood on the island floor. Even as I attempt to dry it up, more liquid keeps appearing, almost as if somehow the tiny native responsible has bewitched it to constantly renew itself. Even worse, Messy and Chunkacabra see this as a game, insisting on splashing about instead of helping–or at least staying out of the way. I cannot decide whether to continue fighting the current or flee to higher ground. Either way, I am trapped.

This may be the end of the island.

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