The Crew


The Captain is the keeper of the log, and also of the Tiny Natives. She remains on the island from sunup to sundown, sundown to sunup, keeping the creatures from wreaking havoc on their environment, while also attempting to gain currency through graphic design. Most days, “success” feels like a foreign concept. However, she is still alive. Even this can be considered a victory.


The Co-Captain has managed to find an avenue of escape from the island, via which he leaves every morning. His days are spent at the library, where for the majority of his time he works as an employee. However, some small percentage of his daily freedom is dedicated to researching the island and the Tiny Natives–who they are, where they might have come from, how we can learn to live in peace with them. To date, the information he has found has been woefully little. And yet, he returns to the island every night, determined to solve the mystery. His Captain never ceases to be surprised.