Captain's Log

Captain’s Log, Parenthood Date: 1664

In my last log, I wrote that I had freedom–peace, even. I did not know it was only the calm before the storm…

I have hardly slept these last two nights, a victim to the phenomenon known as “daylight savings time.” 2300 hours feels like 2200; 0200 like 0100. It is difficult enough for me to discipline myself to turn in for the evening, the hours being upset as they are, but the effect on the tiny natives has been devastating. They are not tired when they should be tired, and in fact, appear not to exhaust themselves at all. I cannot say why this “daylight savings time” has robbed them of their innate need for rest, only that it has, and they seem to delight in it. My Co-Captain is largely unbothered, as for whatever reason, the tiny natives do not seek his attention in the deepest hours of the night. Their only interest is in disrupting me. This further confirms my hypothesis that my Co-Captain is, in fact, their preferred human, and that they may be weakening me in order to attempt a mutiny.

Send reinforcements.

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